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What A Year! (An Update For Our Kickstarter Supporters)

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to give you an update on where we are with the production of the CD.

I has been a challenging several months as we faced many unforeseen obstacles along the way as we recorded our new EP. When I talk with people about the process I jokingly (yet oh so seriously) say, "We learned what not to do." What I mean by that is, this was a major learning process for David and I. In late April of this year, we got together with a group of guys to track (record) the entire record live. What we ended up with when we listened back in the studio the following week was some great ideas, but not much that we could actually use.

Thankfully, David is a very talented musician so he was able to play the instruments and record the CD to near perfection. He had to adjust the timing of every single hit on the drums on his computer, he played the electric guitar, he played the acoustic guitar, and he played the keyboard.

I wrote the music and the words to the songs, so as David helped to create the musical aspect of the songs I would tell him what I wanted and what I didn't want. I also sang the songs and we had to edit the vocal to the best quality possible.

Basically, we didn't cut any corners. This was a huge undertaking for two people, but we pushed through. It was a battle and a challenge, but we are so pleased with the end result we have be blessed to be able to attain.

At this point in the production we are having a team of people create our album art (cover design), and we are having the songs mastered (via After this, they will send us the CD's in the mail. The timeframe they have said we will receive everything by is Feb 1 - Feb 7.

We had no idea going into this how long it was going to take. We learned SO much from this process. We mostly learned what not to do and how to best execute the recording process. Because of what we learned, we now know that the next songs we record will be finished very quickly!

Actually, we are currently in the process of recording a few cover worship songs. We will soon release those to the public for FREE in the coming weeks!

We also have more original songs that we are excited about and are looking forward to recording those as well.

To sum up, we are so grateful for God's blessings in our lives and the ability to serve Him through music. We are humbled by your support and the generosity of everyone who has been involved in this Kickstarter. Your gift has been multiplied and we will continue to multiply the gifts God gives us as He wills.

Keep an eye out for any rewards you have earned on this Kickstarter. We are now processing all of these and should be sending them out in the following weeks.

Thank you so much for standing with us as we accomplished this huge goal. We are eternally thankful!

We hope you had a Happy Christmas and we wish you many blessings in the New Year!

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