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Jenna Grace - Where He Leads

Jenna Grace - Where He Leads

Now Available - February 10, 2015

Jenna Grace has lived in several states growing up, spending her childhood years in Colorado Springs, CO and her latter years in the Carolinas. She calls Charleston, SC home and now resides in Tennessee. Her first EP titled, Where He Leads, is a testimony of her journey of following Jesus where He has led her over the past several years. Each song has a story that tells of God's faithfulness through the good times and the struggle. As a worship leader, Jenna loves to tell the stories of how God has been trustworthy in her life in an effort to inspire others to trust Him and find the hope that Jesus offers. She loves leading worship and seeing people find their healing in Jesus while encountering the presence of God.

1. Beautiful 2. Follow 3. In The Waiting 4. Where He Leads 5. All For You

Over the past 3 years Jenna Grace & David May have traveled leading worship in several cities. They love to see the church praising God and experiencing the power of His presence through worship. With their debut EP, Where He Leads, they hope to open up the conversation about what it really looks like to follow Jesus with songs about God's faithfulness, Christ's redemption, and the joy of our salvation through Jesus. "Music is a tool God has placed in our hands to bring His love into the world and shine His light in the darkness. I am humbled and blessed to be able to use my stories and songs to tell others about Jesus. I love worshiping God and being in His presence with others. I feel at home when I am worshiping Him."

-Jenna Grace

A huge thank you to everyone who gave to our Kickstarter fundraiser last April! This wouldn't have been possible without you!

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