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A Greater Purpose

Good news! I am so excited to be ready to release my next worship record. The new record will have songs I have written from my journey walking with the Lord and ministering to people along the way. These songs are written for the church, and for those on a journey of healing and wholeness. I am passionate about releasing the hope and healing of Jesus through music, and I am looking forward to getting these songs into the hands of those who need them.

To make this happen, I need your help. My husband, David, and I will need at least $7,500 to make this dream a reality, and to continue taking our story and our songs into churches and homes across the county. Thank you for your consideration. To find out more about us, please read below!

Why we are here:

We are here for a few reasons.

1) Jesus: I have been rescued and redeemed by Jesus Christ, and I have seen Him do miraculous things in my life.

2) Hope: Through seasons of suffering and seasons of joy, Jesus has never left my side. He gave me the gift of hope. A gift meant to share with those around me.

3) Calling: I have a deep sense of calling on my life to bring the love to Jesus to the world. Wherever He leads, my husband, David, and I will go.

What I've learned:

I have been on a journey the last couple years praying and wrestling with the dream God has placed in my heart to sing & write songs of worship. Lately, I have been praying and asking God for fresh vision and clear direction. Over the last year God has been teaching me about His church and the love He has for each person who makes up the body of Christ.

It’s only been very recently that God has brought all of these things into focus for me. What I have learned is that the church is a diverse, beautiful, vibrant family. When we travel and lead worship we get to see different parts of the body and how they worship on a Sunday morning. I have found these experiences to be the most encouraging moments in my ministry.

I love hearing the stories of how people have been helped and impacted by the ministry of their local church. I love watching them surround each other and pray for each other. I love talking with a pastor before a service and hearing his passion for Jesus, and seeing his love for the people he leads as he speaks a message of life over them during his sermon. I love talking to people after services, hearing their testimonies, and giving them a big hug around the neck.

It’s about people. It’s about rescue & restoration in Jesus Christ. We all have pain and suffering, we can relate on that. For those of us in Christ, we have healing, hope, and joy in the midst of this suffering. It’s a gift that has been given freely to us, paid for by the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus. We know this gift isn’t meant for us to hide under a bushel and keep to ourselves. There’s so many who need to feel the hope of Jesus, and the healing that comes through knowing Him as their Savior.

I point people to that hope through leading worship. I have a passion to help people know His love. I see God in the eyes of those I lead and I feel a deep sense of love for them from the Father.

I have written these new songs to serve this vision of bringing hope into the lives of others. I have written songs that praise the name of Jesus, songs that bring the heart to a place of worship, and songs that encourage the weary soul to keep trusting and pressing on for the future glory that is in Christ Jesus.

My hope is to record these new songs, and then travel with my husband to homes, churches, retreats, or wherever the Lord leads to share together in worship and encourage the body Christ.

What's next:

The Lord has placed it on my heart to stay true to the calling that this is about others, and building up the body of Christ. So, I have prayed for God to bring the people that He wants to be a part of this record to us, and He has been faithful. Each musician that is contributing to this record has a unique story and ministry of their own. They are not only our good friends, but they are also co-laborers for the cause of Christ. I am excited to share their stories and ministries with you as we record this project.

Over the next few months we will be doing some traveling and recording. As we meet up with the musicians to record I will be sharing their stories and ministries with you. I am excited about championing my brothers and sisters as we all reach for the same goal in sharing the love of Jesus with the world. You will love them!

How to make it happen:

With all that said, I know we cannot do this without help. David, and I need to raise at least $7,500 to create this record from start to finish. That is what led us to do this fundraiser. We need your help to get these songs into your hands.

To show you how much we appreciate you, we added a few rewards you can select with your giving. Plus, everyone who gives at least $10 will be pre-ordering the album & will be able to download it as soon as it releases.

One last request:

We need your help not only financially, but also with your prayers. There is a lot of work involved in producing a record independently, and with our jobs, life's interruptions, and the spiritual battle that will come, we can easily get discouraged. Please pray for us as we embark on this endeavor.

We believe God is leading us into a new season of joyful harvest. He has moved so many mountains to get us where we are now, and we know He is not finished with us yet. In so many ways we are only just beginning.

A greater purpose:

So this is your invitation to take part what God is doing in our lives to get new worship songs into the hands and hearts of many people...will you help us?

In thankfulness & love,

Jenna Grace May

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