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Free To Fly

// i t w a s f o r m e //

I'll never forget this moment. Standing there in that room on the third row, next to my future husband. This is the moment that changed everything. So symbolic for me. So accurate. So curated by the Holy Spirit for me.

For years my mentor had been telling me, "It's time to fly, Jenna. It's time to fly." But fear & insecurity held me back. I found out my name, Jenna, means "small bird," and even also means "song." Those closest to me even call me, "Songbird." Flying was something I dreamed of. Leaping into what God had called me to and soaring was what I desired.

But I was afraid to try to fly. I was waiting for that validation. I was waiting for someone greater than myself to tell me I was good enough. I didn't believe I'd fly if I leaped.

So this moment...this glorious God-given moment...I stood there weeping tears like rivers all down my face & all over my shirt. I knew it was for me. I knew God was telling me I was free to fly.

It all changed then. Right there from that moment...I began doing it. I began living out my calling as a command from God. As an act of obedience. I began figuring out how to multiply my talents and not bury them. I began learning how to fly.

Since this moment 5 years ago, I have often looked at my husband, smiled, and said, "I'm free to fly," and he has so kindly responded, "Yes you are, Songbird."

So if you're wondering what I'm doing with my life. What I'm all about...well I'm just singing my song and pointing people to Jesus. This is what it looks like for me to fly. It's all I know to do. I don't wait for anyone to tell me I can or should. I am made to do it. I am made to fly.

So thank you Pastor Louie Giglio. Thank you for this moment that changed everything. That carried me when I didn't think I'd make it through the storms, and that I still hold on to today in my moments of disappointment and uncertainty. I just want you to know I'm flying. Some days soaring, and some days not so gracefully fluttering, but I'm flying.

// F R E E T O F L Y //

Watch this wonderful moment in the video below...because this is for you too. You are free to fly.

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