Q&A with David May

Wanna know my secret behind everything I do? It’s this guy right here! He’s the best encourager and partner in dream-chasing. He also happens to be my amazing husband, David May! I thought it would be fun to introduce him since he’s a pretty big deal in my world! So for fun I got him to do a Q & A! (Insert my super happy smiling face here.)

Here we go:

1) What’s your job & what do you love about it? I produce music for my amazing wife & for others who need a producer or mix engineer. Also, I travel with Jenna & lead her band/play keyboard, and sometimes co-lead worship. I love getting to use my creativity to serve God & His people in these ways! 2) What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend? I love to take trips with Jenna to places like the Blue Ridge Mountains & hike to waterfalls, or just hang around the house & build a fire for cooking steaks & marshmallows. 3) How would others describe you? Easy going, friendly, and maybe a little quiet & low key! 4) How would I (your wife) describe you? Haha this one will make me blush, but I hope she'd say I'm sweet, protective, loyal, & supportive. 5) What would you tell your 18 yr old self if you had the chance? I would tell myself to get ready for the years to come--start preparing mentally (dreaming big), physically (being disciplined), financially (saving money), for meeting my beautiful wife and moving to a new city and starting our life together in an amazing new place where we would thrive! 6) Favorite food? Cheeseburgers - Or grilled chicken & creamy sauce with pasta or rice! 7) As a child, what did you wanna be when you grew up? A police officer 8) If you can take a trip anywhere today where would it be? I’d go back to the Della Terra Chateau in Estes Park, Colorado that Jenna & I stayed in on our honeymoon. 9) Any hidden talents? Most of them I use publicly, ha. But I do ride dirtbikes pretty well. 10) What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done? Going up front and dancing with Jenna in front of all the people at a Brandon Heath concert for one of our favorite songs, and then asking her to marry me! Also the most rewarding thing I've ever done!

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