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Happy New Year!

Do you create goals for the new year? 🌱 If you do I’d love to hear some in the comments! These aren’t New Year’s resolutions. For me, these are things I’d like to see happen over the coming year. Every year, within the first week I like to sit down with my husband and write down all of the things we hope to see happen over the year. Some of these things are attainable by hard work and determination, some are just fun things we wanna do, and some are huge God-sized dreams that only the Lord can accomplish. In 2019, I pinned the list up on my wall all year long so that I could check off the things that were accomplished. To our surprise almost all of the things we put on the list had a check next to them at the end of the year. So here we are with 2019 behind us and our hearts turned towards the new year, new goals, and new dreams. Yesterday we sat down together and wrote down the things we would like to see happen in 2020. I’ll share some of mine if you’ll share at least one of yours! I would love to read the things that you want to see happen this year! Here’s a peek at our list:

-Get our passports -Release more music & do it consistently -Go back to the Grove Park Inn in NC and eat dinner together one evening -Read more books -Pay off school loan -Establish a partnership/mentor for our music ministry -Go camping with our friends -Go horseback riding -Do house worship nights with our friends -Release a video of one of my songs 🌱 That’s just a glance at my list, but you get the idea. It’s fun to check these off as the year goes by. It also helps us watch the hand of God over those big dreams and little fun moments as well! Doing this has brought so much clarity to our last year. I highly encourage you to do it as well and post the list somewhere you will see it every day! Okay now it’s your turn. Share something you’d like to see happen in 2020 in the comments!

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