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The Cream

What was the turning point in your life that sent you down a different path—or skyrocketed you into one you’d already chosen? It may sound odd to say, but there hasn’t been a single greater moment in my career than the first time I tried out for the cheerleading team in 6th grade and didn't make it. 😭 I'll never forget the words my Grandad said to me after I told him I didn't make it & that I had failed. Looking down with those crystal blue eyes he smiled at me and said with his drawn-out southern low-country accent, "Darlin', don't you worry. The cream always rises to the top. And you (he paused to make sure I was listening)...YOU are the cream." 👴🏻 And for some weird reason, through my tears, I believed him. I believed he really thought I was the cream, so I decided it must be true. It was the catalyst that drove me to try-out for and MAKE the local All-Star competitive team. On this team I was pushed to get better and learn more than I ever would have if I had made the school squad. I learned to throw back tucks, and traveled all around competing - even at Disney World! 🤸🏻‍♀️ After cheering that year on the All-Star team, I tried out for the school team again and I made it. And then I made it again, and again, and again. As time went on, I made every team I tried out for and ended up cheering at 2 high schools, and 3 of the colleges I attended. 🥇 That one failure and that one phrase from my Grandad taught me a lesson that changed me forever. I decided to never give up when I fail. His belief in me made me believe in myself, and I've never been the same. 💕 So yeah, I still believe I am the cream. I know as long as I don't quit and give it my all, I will rise to the top. 💃🏻 Pursuing being an artist has so many ups and downs. It's not easy, but the goal is so much bigger than myself. I get to share the love of Jesus with everyone under the sound of my voice. When it's hard to keep creating music, or I feel I have messed up or failed, I just go back to my heavenly Father and let Him tell me who I am. Then I'm ready to get back up and keep singing my song. 🎢 That's why I will never give up. I'm in this for the long game. I won't quit. 💪🏼 Have you experienced something similar?

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